The final step of registering for each event is to reserve cabin space using the form at the bottom of this page. CABIN POLICIES

1.      There are two areas overseen by Site Stewards.  Rainbow Ridge and Rocky Ridge.  Your cabin area determines your Site Steward, and the common areas you are responsible for helping to clean up at the end of the weekend.

2.      Cabin reservations are made prior to the event via an online registration form.  There is no guarantee of cabin space for players that do not pre-register.  To register for a cabin, all attendees must be registered and have paid for the event.  One person, designated Cabin Head and responsible for the cabin, will make the reservation on behalf of the group. 

3.      The Cabin Head is responsible for:
a.      Reserving the cabin for his/her group.
b.     Checking in and out for their group/cabin.
c.      The maintenance and care of the cabin being used for the weekend (damages charged by the site related to any cabin will be assessed against the Cabin Head).
d.     Acting as the primary contact for the Site Steward in your area.
e.      Checking every item on the checklist prior to checking out with the Site Steward.

4.      Every cabin is responsible for cleanup duties as listed on the front of this form.
a.      Any cabins left unclean, or with any checklist items not approved by a Site Steward, will result in all cabin occupants forfeiting character experience for the weekend.
b.     Any bath-house or common area left unclean, or with any checklist items not approved by a Site Steward, will result in all Cabin Heads for the area forfeiting any character experience for the weekend.

5.      Rocky Ridge cabins must have at least three (3) players to reserve.  Rainbow Ridge cabins must have at least five (5) players to reserve. 

6.      At least one cabin will be maintained each event for “independent” players to reserve single spaces.  Independent players will reserve one bed in the cabin, and are responsible for checking out individually with the Site Steward assigned to their cabin.  Independent players are still responsible for all clean up items required upon check-out.

7.      Players may drive vehicles up to their cabin area parking for load-in and load-out only.  This may be done after 2pm Friday, prior to 12:30pm Saturday, and after Closing Ceremonies on Sunday.  No other player vehicles are allowed past the parking area during weekend game times.  Players entering or leaving during different times will need to manually transport personal items to/from the parking area.  Please plan ahead.

8.      Fire pits are available for use by approved Fire Tenders only.  If you wish to use a fire pit, you must either have an approved Fire Tender present or become approved yourself (this will not happen in the course of an event, arrangements must be made between events with regards to fire).

9.      Absolutely no smoking or open flames, of any kind, in any player cabins.

10.   Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or mood altering substances (saving those prescribed by a medical doctor) allowed in cabins or on-site.

11.   Absolutely no firearms or weapons of any kind allowed on-site.

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