We strongly recommend reading the Alliance LARP Rulebook and the Crossroads Player's Guide prior to attending your first event. 

Download free copies of each from the Payment Portal. Social events, Alliance carpooling/caravaning, and specific information may be listed on our Facebook group in addition to the official events below - check us out at www.facebook.com/groups/alliancecrossroads 

In order to register for an event, you must complete each of the following steps: 
1. Have a current paid membership. 
2. Fill out the registration form. 
3. Pay for the event. 
4. If you wish to eat at the tavern on-site, send $10/person to [email protected] for grocery cost. 
5. Finalize your character card with logistics by emailing [email protected] 
6. Bring a legal ID to site showing your age (license, passport, military id, etc.) to verify you are over 18. All players must have an ID on file to play. 

Attendance at events is guaranteed only for those that have completed all listed steps before the deadline. Friday Set-Up and Event Prep Crew members, staff and players are encouraged to arrive Friday anytime after 2pm to help with set-up. 

Players that assist with at least a half-day of setup may stay overnight in their assigned cabins Friday night. Players that help with set-up will receive goblin stamps for their time and help - don't be shy, come help make the weekend awesome for everyone! 

Event Schedule (subject to change due to event needs, but generally as follows) 
Saturday, 11am: Event registration (logistics) opens Saturday, 1pm: Opening Ceremonies, game begins Saturday, 7-8pm: Dinner/downtime (no significant battles or modules run during this time to allow Crew members to have a meal) Saturday, 7-8pm: Production logistics available at Monster Camp 

Sunday, 4am - 10am: Game Downtime - No plot, modules or battles will run during this time Sunday, 10am: Game begins Sunday, 5pm: Closing Ceremonies, game ends

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